Monday, June 02, 2008

On Creativity

As perhaps one of the lesser "creative" people amongst my acquaintances, I've always been impressed (and a little jealous) by those who I think are creative. They have inspired me to do things a little less...the same.

I was shown this clip last year when talking to some friends about kids, education, etc. This great presentation is from an educator named Sir Ken Robinson. Have a look-see.

There is so much time spent thinking that maybe we get stuck in a rut of thinking the same way. My own work experience comes to mind. Every day I get paid to sit in front of my computer and think, about a few certain "objective" things. If it fits into policy, procedure, or precedent, then it is right. Not to rag too much on what I do, because I do like it to an extent and there are elements of creativity, if I seek them. And thats the point...I have seen how creativity has been slowly let out of my education and experience, unless a teacher, co-worker, friend, or I consciously kept it in.

So let do ourselves a favor and do some rethinking. Then go out there and be prepared to be wrong and be prepared to be creative. The people who I can list that have are the same ones that have inspired me the most. I have a small list. Let me know if you'd like to know who they are.

Below are a few more clips that have been shared with me in some fashion. I hope they too make you take a step back, rethink, and inspire you to do something today a little more creatively that you would have otherwise.

Try this on...mind blowing!

And this...super cool!

Creative, yes. Stupid, definitely!