Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kind of a big 2

There is a new blog on the scene in Mormon single-dom. It's called Why Mormon Girls Stay Single. It's the biggest thing since Seriously So Blessed. It showed up like the spring chickens often referenced...cute, glossy, coy, and strangely irresistible despite better judgment obviously steering one away from them. Let's see if it can keep up it's appeal and not "let itself go" like the accused audience it claims to "serve." Although there is some wit to many of the posts, I think, more than anything else WMGSS is fast joining the ranks of blockbusters like Singles Ward, RM, and anything else with Kirby H. (Hey...there's an idea, guest post by Kirby!) Niche humor has a shelf life, and it's short.

Now, I have spent a lot of time writing about the blog, when really I just want to talk about myself and how, once again, my place in the Provo/LDS singles patchwork has been established. Check this POST out...see the picture, in the middle, wearing orange... Yesterday alone I received 2 gchats, one email, one call, and one in person comment referencing my presence in the pic on this post. This either means a) I know the blogger, b) I know much of the readership of the blog, or both.

At any rate, its funny to me. I'll just take this as a chance to give a big shout out to all of my Santa B alum! Those were the days! And again, when you've realized your fate is making unsolicited appearances in marginally flattering mediums citing the subculture in which you can't quite seem to escape (not that I'm trying that hard), you don't let any of it go to your head.