Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kind of a big deal...

As it turns out, my life is one that typifies life in Provo and on the BYU campus. Who knew!? Now I don't mean to feed my own ego here. You can only have one so big when you've been in Provo for 6+ years and don't have a graduate degree, claim any "dependents" during tax season, or even have an employer that requires you to stay in this cozy little valley. I am in Provo by choice and am not shy about it. I love my Utah life! The way I see it, someday there will come a reason to leave, but until then I'm going to stay. In some respects I guess you could say I've become a local celebrity. Here's a little clip to show you what I'm talking about. Be sure to watch until the very end (specifically 1:17-1:22).

(Props to Matt Eastin and Kineto Pictures for the killer video work!)

So as you can see, my presence (preferably with the company of a blond), impact (small carbon footprint with the scooter), and legacy (not quite being able to leave Provo) have now been etched into the annals of the interwebs. Thus proving that I have, in fact, left my mark on this campus.

PS- You know I'm kidding, right?

Monday, January 26, 2009