Friday, May 01, 2009

Recent months...

Hey all... I've been slow to post recently so here's a recap of what's been goin' down since March.

Most importantly this test is D-O-N-E! And I am so so glad. I have a few apps out to business school, so here's to hopin! Now it's just a waiting game. I do, however, want to thank good good friends for help studying, being a great support system, and for putting in a good word! I have seldom been so aware of how blessed I am by the people around me. I was absolutely overwhelmed by this realization as I drove to SLC to take the test (for the first time). In a very modest way, thank you all, friends and family alike, for tips, reassureing words, and many prayers! I am optimistic think that some doors will open for this fall. If not, I'll keep working hard and apply for fall '10. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

For the second year in a row I headed down to run the half marathon. It was a gorgeous spring day along the banks of the mighty Colorado. I knew a lot of people headed down this year, so it was fun to hang the night before, run together, and then have some mother-jeepin-fun! I was able to improve my time over last year, which was a great feeling! Here are some pics from the Jeeping adventures.

Our rigs...

Friends and the scenery.
Annette, Jen, Jill, Katie, Me.

Matt, Dan, and a Jeep.

This trip was a blast! I give most of the credit to the Cook family. They absolutely rock! Steph's family entertained and put up about 10-15 of us at any given moment. It was a great weekend with friend to just...PLAY! We went to MLB spring training games, had a fiesta with a real mariachi duet, huge party with in-home ice cream parlor at full boar, swam, played volleyball, and wakeboarded (thanks Hoyts!!!).

Simply put, it was awesome!

Dodgers v. Royals game at Camelback Ranch.

Me and Steph at Saguaro Lake.

Friends from afar!
So remember how I've done a little humanitarian work in Brazil? Well, the woman on the right is the angel who makes it all possible. Her name is Tereza de Lima Silva. She is the teacher from the public school that helped us find the kids Kaiizen now sponsors in the private school. She does so much for these kids and we love her!

Her daughter (in the red hat) Louise married an American and just had her first child. So Tereza and her husband came to the US to see them. What a treat it is to have her close and show her a little more of what makes Kaiizen possible.

Me, Josh, David, Nathan, Dad, Louise, and Tereza.

Goodbye to a loyal steed.
The time came to say goodbye to Chet. He has been so loyal and so true. In a time when it's best to live a simple life I decided it would be best to sell ol' Chet. Bitter sweet, but we'll both be OK.

RIP Chet.