Friday, February 29, 2008

You can Moo too!

"We love to print"

That says it all folks. They really do! I can tell. is a site for your clever and personal printing needs. They have greeting cards, post cards, sticker books, and mini cards. I personally just ordered the 100 mini card package.

One of my good friends turned me on to these personal little mini cards. You can upload any image as the back of the card, then whatever info you want on the front. This is perfect if you don't have real business cards yet, don't want lame business cards, and want a way to get your information out to those you meet with your "personal brand" already on it.

In a society that is still so much about who you know, this is a perfect way to keep your contact info on-hand and deliver it in a personal and creative way. For a package of 100 mini cards its 20 bucks, and you can upload 1-100 pics to be used!

And after all, they love to print... So let them!

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Unknown said...

i got the cutest business cards from them! and for free, too! yeay moo.