Monday, September 22, 2008

A Timp-ical weekend in Provo...

Since people only want pictures anyway...I'll keep the story telling brief.

After six years in Provo hiking Mt. Timpanogos is something I have needed to do! Earlier this year I decided that I would do it in September. With the hiking season drawing to a close I thought it might not happen. Largely due to my own neglect to plan the hike. Thanks to my friend Mark's I got my chance afterall!

This is how the beautiful morning started (Circa 6:30am).

Fall colors!


There were mountain goats everywhere! We first saw a small group of five. Then once we got higher there were herds! Just after this photo above there was a brief hale storm. While I was hiking along there was this overcasty haze with the glow of the sun coming through one side. Through the sheets of hale I could see the mountain face in the distance with a family of mountain goats galluping up to try and find some cover. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. A picture wouldn't do it justice, words can't suffice, it was just amazing. After hiking for another little while you could see two different grazing groups on the face to the left and the face to the right. The goats above let us get pretty close. They love the camera.

The Timptastic 8
Isaac, Anika, Logan, Sara, Me (w/rod of authority), Carl, Mark, Annie (Emmie).

My baby, Mt. Baldy (Alta), in the background.

AF Canyon, Backside of Alta/Snowbird, Mineral Basin.

Anika, Me, and Utah County.

From the top-shack (Circa 1pm).

Me, Sara, Annie.

7/8 of the Timptastic 8 at the summit.

Top left: Summit shack.
Ridge line trail to glacier.

After we left the summit the whole group went down the way we came. Curiosity got the best of me and I ran along the trail headed north so that I could come down the glacier. I saw two guys from another group ahead of me quite a ways, but I though I could catch them so I wasn't alone at 11k ft. I was able to get to them by the time we were at the top of the glacier. Can't remember their names, but they were both from Atlanta and definitely showed me some southern hospitality by letting me join them for the trip down the glacier. As you can see in later pictures the glacier is a lot better if you have pants, gloves, and maybe an ice pick or two... I did ok with my Asics and a couple sharp rocks. However, the snow did get the best of my right leg. It looks worse than it is. It was a really cool going down the glacier, see the views from that side of the mountain, and also exploring the area where the glacier had melted.

Free the heel, free the mind.

Here is a view of the glacier from the bottom up. On my way down the rock slides after the glacier I crossed paths with a couple really cool guys from SLC (two specs on the left), along with thier golden lab. They had their Tele's strapped to their backs and were on their way to get some turns in. It's awsome out here... Once the fall air hits the valley it just makes you want to strap on some planks!

Some goats bidding us farewell on our way back down.

All in all it was a beautiful day and an awesome hike. It's so amazing that this is right in my back yard here in Provo. It's approx. 14 miles and 10 hours (with breaks and photo opps) round trip if you go the Aspen Grove route. It takes a little work, a lot of water, and some powerbars, but it's totally worth it!

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Erin Hoy said...

I love Utah in the fall!!! Those pictures sure made me miss it... However, 14 miles and 10 hours doesn't not appeal to me... a typical lazy So. Cal. girl :) Miss you!

Unknown said...

Maybe with a new right knee, the old man can literally "take a hike" with you some day...


Unknown said...

With a new right knee maybe the old man can literlly "take a hike" with the kid some day.


Deanna said...

Say hello to the mountains for me.