Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kind of a big deal...

As it turns out, my life is one that typifies life in Provo and on the BYU campus. Who knew!? Now I don't mean to feed my own ego here. You can only have one so big when you've been in Provo for 6+ years and don't have a graduate degree, claim any "dependents" during tax season, or even have an employer that requires you to stay in this cozy little valley. I am in Provo by choice and am not shy about it. I love my Utah life! The way I see it, someday there will come a reason to leave, but until then I'm going to stay. In some respects I guess you could say I've become a local celebrity. Here's a little clip to show you what I'm talking about. Be sure to watch until the very end (specifically 1:17-1:22).

(Props to Matt Eastin and Kineto Pictures for the killer video work!)

So as you can see, my presence (preferably with the company of a blond), impact (small carbon footprint with the scooter), and legacy (not quite being able to leave Provo) have now been etched into the annals of the interwebs. Thus proving that I have, in fact, left my mark on this campus.

PS- You know I'm kidding, right?


Nana said...

I thought the video was kind of a yawner until I saw this great guy on a scooter with a gorgeous blond. And then I thought, "hey, there's something to this whole idea of living in snow and sub-zero weather for half the year! What am I doing in SoCal? Missing all the fun, that's what!" Love, Erin's Mom PS-When is your next visit? We miss you!

Deanna said...

be careful about getting into any annals. and oh how i wish i could be that blinker on your scooter.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Leave it to you.... yes... only you could look that great with a hot blond on the back of your scooter.

With only a few weeks till our what 4th? Friendaversary you still never cease to amaze me!

Love you!

See Mack Snow said...

Of course. Of course you would be in the video.

And glad to see you're using your blinker. I hate it when people brake for unapparent reasons.

robyn said...

i actually didn't think you were kidding.