Monday, March 31, 2008

A country on the rise...

Not to be outdone by our Western accommodations.
Good news ladies.

Travel Log
SLC>JFK- Status quo. Thanks Delta, boring...
5 hour layover in JFK- Made some calls, ate some wraps in the Luftansa lounge. Before even getting on the plane I developed a new found love for Business class, thanks to that little lounge.
JFK>Frankfurt- Confirmed all preemtive affection for Business class. Got two hours of sleep over the Atlantic. I just couldn't get enough of the movies, music, food, and massage chair!

At Frakfurt airport. Just over my right shoulder you'll see my flight to Delhi.

Frankfurt>Delhi: The fatigue definitely set in here. Fell asleep over Greece, woke up over Afghanistan. Don't worry, they didn't give us any flack! (haha, pun intended...get it? Wah, wah...)

First Impressions
Lanes=guidelines (at best)
Rickshaws look sweet! Need to get into one of those, soon. I'm seeing many many Bajaj scooters buzzing around. And I thought Utah drivers made me nervous! The roads are kept up decently, its just madness. You honk to pass. You turn shoot any gap you can find. A family of four or five on one moto/scooter is not uncommon.

A calm day.
Normally there is a lot more of what I affectionately call the "Indian Straddle" going on. If you have a tire on either side of the lane paint, you'll never go astray.

Foreigners/guests=gods (Drivers words, not mine).
Our driver was the most pleasant man ever. He assured us that guests in India are revered and respected and we will love our time here. He is absolutely right so far!
Met my Indian counterparts yesterday. All are genuine, sharp, and very kind. Many are self-proclaimed "movie buffs", they love music, driving, shopping and anything else a young American would like.

The showers are like the roads...backwards! I had a cold surprise when I moved the shower control to the left. Hot is to the right down here, or at least at the Taj Palace Hotel.
Why won't anyone here let me do something myself! Kind of kidding, but it's a little weird when you use the hotel lobby restroom and there is a little man there to do everything but zip your pants for you. He turns on the water, you wash your hands. He turns off the water and hands you a towel. You dry your hands, he opens the door for you. Its nice and all, but just not the way I live I guess... Maybe I'll get used to it after a month. Roomies...I expect fresh linens and bottled water when I return.
First thing I noticed out of the airport was a beautiful mid-90's Land Cruiser. Needless to say, it was a welcomed, and welcoming, sight.

All in all I am so glad to be here. At a first glance this deep rooted culture and way of life seems incredible. I can't wait to see and experience more!


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Kates said...

Matt!!! That is so exciting. I love how you write exactly like you talk so I can totally hear it in my head and it makes me laugh out loud.

Anyways, congrats on going to India. That is very exciting. I'm sure you will do just fine! Now that I know you have a blog I'm adding you to my 'blogs I read daily' list. So basically I'm telling you I expect an entry every day. Get on that...


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Um, how come I was not notified of your bloggings? This is so exciting!!