Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So mad I could Yelle!

So a cute little French pop-ster named Yelle just came through good 'ol UT this weekend, which I missed by the way. I'm upset for two reasons... A) I love live music, and B) To date, I had only heard of Yelle, and would have really liked a chance to form an opinion from actual experience! All reports were that it was amazing!

Here's one of her more popular ditties, Ce Jeu. Apologies if there is something offensive in French, I plead ignorance.

Catchy, right?

Here is a remix of one of Yelle's songs, A Cause des Garçons, I stumbled across on Youtube. I'm not quite sure what is happening, but its strangely captivating. I want to go to Europe next summer, so maybe I should take notes...and maybe practice, in my room, when no one's home.

Hey Reebok! Pumps are making a comeback!

Report to come August of '09.


Nana said...

So, I'm pleading ignorance and old-age. Do you pronounce it "yell" or "yellie"? Are you coming for a visit?
Love, Erin's Mom

Matt Olsen said...

Hey Cheryl!

I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "yell." According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, she formed the name from feminizing the acronym YEL (You Enjoy Life). The French are funny.

And yes, I'm coming down for Turkey Day weekend with some friends. I am still getting the details, but hope to spend Thanksgiving day with you all, per Erin's invite! I should know more this week.

g.lock said...

nice and nice! i like finding out about new musicians and the pumps are good news.

Britt said...

I can't believe that I missed Yelle! I have been a faithful fan for months. I love her. Love you more matt