Sunday, April 27, 2008


The amount of hours our road trip took. It was a whirlwind tour of Jaipur, India, the Pink City. But so worth it!

Drive there.
We left Work around 11:30pm, made a couple stops, and were on the road by midnight. Next stop 200km later was Jaipur. This 200km consisted of laughing, joking around, Bollywood sing alongs, and frequent tea/smoke breaks. All of which were had by my 5 perky co-workers througout the night! Intense! The Americans, my friend Jessie and I, were awkwardly nestled in the 3 row of Ganesh's new SUV. We tried to sleep. Marginal results. It was pretty entertaining seeing my friends just go go go all night!

5 hours from Delhi we rolled in to Jaipur and found ourselves a little 2 star hotel. A far cry from my cozy 5 star room 329 at the Taj! We slept until 10 then got up and at 'em. The day started with a turkey sandwich at Subway and a bottle of Coke. Mmm...breakfast... Then out to see the sights.

Hawa Mahal.
This was a palace built by the King for his queen and her lady friends. Behind this crown-resembling facade are many outdoor corridors and social areas. This way the Queen could be "out-and-about" hearing the sounds of the city, without being seen. Which apparently wasn't allowed.
The front.

The back. (Being repainted)

View from the top.
Busy streets, busy markets.

Jaigarh Fort
Me, Farid, Jessie, Prableen, Ganesh, Ruchika.

Big ol cannon.

Camel, check!

Inside the fort.

The outer walls of the Fort.

Amber Palace.
You can see it in the top right of the last pic from the fort. this place was amazing. So many gardens, courts, and beautiful look outs!
Palace from the fort.


Inner court.



Dinner was a quick pit stop at Mickey D's... Bad idea. Note to self, don't each McDonald's anywhere, ever.

This was the hot new Bollywood flick. It was awesome! There was mystery, love, adventure, suspense, and most of all STYLE! (Thats what Tashan means in Hindi)

Drive back.
I was pretty much delerious.

I know I did a poor job of illustrating how cool it was to see Jaipur. It really was great. I learned a ton. Everything from the time in the car to the top of the fort was educational on this fascinating place and it's people. It was a great way to spend my last weekend in India!

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