Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The usual.

12 days here at the Taj, and going strong! It's kinda fun now because most the staff recognize me. Mostly because I rarely to much to combat my bed head when I go down for breakfast. They are even trying to predict what I'm going to order. I've always wanted to be the guy who could say, "the usual" and have them just know what I want... The bad news is that my appetite is so random out here I have yet to find something that I always want. However, the pasta con pollo is making a strong case! Mainly because its the only thing that smells and tastes somewhat normal, and also doesn't sound sick at midnight when I get back from work. Indian office cafateria food? No thanks.

There is a lot of hospitality here. There is always someone in a turban ready to help... The tourists love that kind a stuff. They always want a tacky pic. These two always get my car door for me. I'm not quite sure what their qualifications are. Although they rock the salute, I doubt military experience is a prereq. My guess? They just happen to be tall Indians. Little more of a presence.

This is the view from 329. Always pleasant in the mornings to see the hazy blue skies and the even bluer water. The 3rd chair left of center is my favorite spot to lounge, read, and get a Norwegian tan. This tan is a pinker version of a normal tan, that is really the most anyone blessed with my bloodline can aspire to. But I'm working on it.

329 and all its spacious glory! Real comfy bed, nice view, more furniture than my room in Provo? Not too shabby, right?

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