Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Office

Good news Office fans, April 10 is your day! Our beloved paper suppliers will now grace the airwaves with more love, laughs, and awkwardness.

On a side note, I have had 2 great days in our office in India.
Real cow in front of our real office. Noida, India.

Whatever you have heard and read about the development in India is all true. In the 45 minute drive from my hotel to the office you see everything from Government compounds to poor makeshift mud and plastic huts. When you get near my office in Noida (a suburb of Delhi), you see huge tracts of land, graded and ready to be developed. Behind where I am taking this picture there are literally thousands of acres ready to be built on. It will be rows and rows of corporate offices. So the next time you need to make changes on your cell phone plan or get tech support for your PC, just's not changing anytime soon! So buy a Mac.

The Office, India
We are the white ones. Amy, Brian, Me.

These people are excellent! I have loved talking and working with them the past two days. Each of them is very bright and very considerate. Last night they invited me to come eat dinner with them in the office cafeteria (a lot of curry, but good). It was my first chance to really sit down with them and connect about their culture. They asked me what I had heard about India and what my initial impressions have been. It was the perfect open forum to check all of that against the insight and perspective of the natives. They were very gracious in explaining everything from Cricket (still wicked confusing) to the socio-economic shifts occurring in the country on the whole. The really is a country on the move. It is exciting for them and they value what they have greatly. Also, Ganesh has an SUV and likes to off-road. We'll be friends. They also thought it was cool that I had a Bajaj scooter and celebrated HOLI (festival of color).

What I'd really like to do by next Monday is create the Indian Office cast within my team here. More to come on that... Feel free to study the picture posted and submit suggestions on who should be who. I'll take that feedback into consideration and hopefully post the final casting decisions. I'll also need some script ideas.

(The power just went out in the Hotel. We're back up and running now. It happened a few times at the office yesterday too. I think they need a little more regulation on who can stick a shovel in the ground...)


whattherandi said...

Oh brother. Its so fun to hear of your adventures!! As for casting the office? I think you should be Michael or Jim. And the white guy next to you should be Creed.
Oh and a movie you should check out is called Lagaan. It is a bollywood movie chris and i just watched. Its like the indian mighty ducks with cricket and singing and dancing. Its pretty brilliant.
Love you.!

Jared & Bryanne said...

Matt, so glad to hear that you made it safely to India. We are happy to see you are posting regularly on your blog. We look forward to reading about your adventures with "The Office" and your weekend excursions. XO, The Fiddys

The Evans said...

Hey Matt, I saw part of your blog post on my facebook home page. Looks like you are having quite the adventure in India. I love good curry, so I hope you are eating lots.


Kelly O. Cardon said...

Well, I was thinking since the only Indian (is that what they call themselves?) on the American show is Kelly, maybe I should fly out there and be the American Kelly on the Indian show since that would only make sense. I can't wait to see the first episode!!

robyn said...

okay, your boss needs to be jan of course. the guy sitting next to you.... brian? he should be kevin, purely based on looks. you should be jim, or the intern. the dude in the white shirt in the back row should be oscar... perhaps the guy sitting in the front should be michael, unless you feel you could take on that brave role. the girl with the glasses, back row, and all the way to the left screams kelly, to me. hmm... pam? well, if you're jim then it should be whoever you have a crush on, i think the girl in the yellow is way cute and slightly shy looking... a good pam candidate i think. creed has to bee the guy with the sweet goatee and the black necklace thing. angela? hmm... i'll leave that one entirely up to you. who is the firecracker of the group, and more importantly who could pull off dwight? either brian ( who i already mentioned could pull off kevin), or the guy in the back with the black and white striped shirt. this was fun. i'll keep my ideas coming with script ideas????

noelle regina said...

front row, bottom right = Jim.