Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Dehli weekend.

Episode 1: I like the night life. I like to boogie...

Last night I finally got out and took in some of the Delhi night life! The Centre Stage Mall is about 10 minutes from my office. Within those walls lies the hottest disco in India, and one of the top five in Asia. A little place we call Elevate. This was one of the most fascinating things I have ever experienced.

What I didn't see:

What I wanted to see:

You may have recognized this as a scene from my favorite (and the only one I've seen) Bollywood movie, Jab We Met. Jab means 'when.' More Hindi lessons to come.

What I did see:

Elevate is crazy and funny. The club was a ton of fun and my co-workers, and now friends, are a blast! The club was such a melting pot, there were people from everywhere. My favorite person was the Asian girl with her ratty teased hair, cig hangin from her lips, and black and white striped skirt with a hot pink frilly bloomer thing underneath. Simply captivating. She kinda just rocked back and forth like a strung-out Gwen Stefani back-up girl.

Another interesting observation was that no one touched. It was the cleanest dance party I've been to since EFY. It really really blew my mind. Any other time I've been to a club (which isn't too any times), or even a Provo dance party, I've been pretty much disgusted. This was a pleasant surprise. The DJ was some dude from Brittan...underwhelming. My other favorite thing was this, no one in India can dance! At least not the sample population I saw on Friday. The best part, no one cares! So to all you awkward whitey's and Elaine's out there, have no shame! Come to India and let loose! Seriously, everyone kind of dances awkward and uncoordianted. Which makes the no touching thing even funnier. Not even couples touch. I've come to understand that's because there is a cultural norm for couples not to touch/be affectionate in public. I recommend Elevate next time you're in Delhi. Fortunately, no one was really as bad as Elaine.
The crew: Gautam, Swati, Ganesh, Rakhee, Parul, Amy, Matt.
Not pictured: Farid and Shivani.

Episode 2: Chillin at India Gate.

Met up with Gautam and Rakhee. Got some Pizza Hut and McDonald's french fries and hung out at India Gate. The world is flat. It was fun to hang here. It's kind of like Sugarhouse, Kiwanis, or your local outdoor hangout. Except there are a lot more cheap goods bought and sold.
Episode 3: Services, shopping, and sights.

The day started by attending church in Delhi. They were actually broadcasting General Conference this weekend, as it all happens overnight the weekend of. It was really neat to meet with the Saints of India. My favorite part was hearing them sing the hymns with accents. It was really really cool to hear. It was a beautiful glimpse into how the Church is growing outside of my comfy little paradigm in Provo. It also made me appreciate, again, how blessed I am to live in Utah, have gone to BYU, and have so many opportunities accessible.

That afternoon our driver took us around to see some sights pictures below. We then went shopping at Dilli Haat and Central Market. Lesson learned, never shop without a local! There is definitely a white persons price here. With my friends present we were able to get them down to about half of the original prices they quoted me. Shopping was fun though. It was cool to finally get the real tourist experience this weekend.

Some of the sights we saw were:
Qutub Minar
Humayun's Tomb

Sagar South Indian Restaurant.
Very tasty. Ganesh, guy in the middle, wanted to treat us to his home cookin.

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Kelly O. said...

Wait so there are Indian Mormons? Are they really allowed to worship there? And any interesting Indian food-combo meals at McDonald's?